Our Products

The purifying soak powder, Get Soaked

…exfoliates, cleanses and softens. The tea tree oil, known for its healing, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and peppermint oil infuse the water with an aroma therapeutic essence that is refreshing and invigorating and revitalizes hands and feet while cleansing.  The soak quickly dissolves, drenches skin with moisture and is the ultimate soothing experience for tired hands and feet.


The exfoliating scrub, Ruff Up

…is a rich conditioning agent for the skin that restores suppleness. It removes dead skin cells, smooths rough skin, clarifies the skin and stimulates blood circulation making the skin receptive to further treatments. It is an antibacterial and antifungal scrub with tea tree and peppermint oil that not only smells great but gently exfoliates away dryness to restore hands and feet to a smooth state.


The Mani/Pedi Massage Lotion, Rub Me…

in delicious honey and vanilla is a rich moisturizing cream that improves skin condition and gives it a soft and smooth appearance. It slows water loss from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface and has light consistency that won’t dry up too fast or be too slippery making it ideal for a silky-smooth massage.
The deep-penetrating pedicure smoother with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, Smooth Talk, is rich in nutrients and high in vitamins A, E and F.  It smooths, protects and restores pliability leaving feet baby smooth. The grapefruit extract has soothing, antiseptic and astringent qualities and is a natural salicylic acid. The Menthol deodorises the feet and leaves them feeling refreshed.

The pedicure softener, Soften Me Up

…is also rich in Jojoba oil, Shea butter and grapefruit extract. It gently softens even the toughest calluses. It is rapidly absorbed and richly nourishing to the skin

The Paraffin wax not only smells great but nourishes and moisturizes the skin while improving nail condition and skin colour. The wax increases circulation and raises the skin temperature which opens the pores and increases sebaceous gland activity resulting in a greater absorption of cream.


When it comes to hair removal the longer it’s gone the better and that is why Twincare is addicted to waxing. In the Beauty Addict wax range you will find strip wax, hot wax, pre and post lotions, ingrown hair serums, equipment cleaners and body strips and spatulas.


Strip wax

sticks to your skin so it’s better for fine hairs, whereas hot wax holds onto the hairs rather than the skin, making it ideal for coarser hair. Because the hot wax is able to cling to the hair as it dries on the skin it is super effective at stripping out that hair without irritating your skin.


Hot wax

…is fast becoming a salon favourite and Twincare’s  new  Screaming Beauty  Range consisting of four delicious scented hot waxes is set to wow Salons in South Africa. Wax Addict Hot Wax, The Screamer, is easy to use and gently removes hair with the root leaving you with smooth, soft, hair free skin for weeks.  This wax is made with natural gum rosin providing flexibility to allow it to grip around contours of the area being treated. The rosin is blended with Titanium Dioxide and Mica, preventing excessive pulling of the skin and minimizing sensitivity of the skin. It has a rich consistency and lustrous opalescent pearl colour. It is perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas, large or small.


The Wax Screaming strip waxes, Jack the Ripper…

also feature four delicious fragrances and opalescent pearl colours and are ideal for large areas that need to be waxed. The pine tree resin provides the wax with superior adhesion properties that grip the hairs for efficient removals while the other ingredients minimize sensitivity and protect and condition the skin.


The vanilla pre base oil, Oil Me Up

…is to be used before waxing to cleanse the skin, remove make-up, body oils, deodorants and other substances that may interfere with the waxing process. The pre base oil is enriched with vanilla and apricot kernel oil that prepares the skin for further treatment and leaves the skin smooth with a subtle vanilla smell for hours.


The pre wax gel, Fore Play

…is an alcohol based product that breaks down oil bonds on the skin surface and cleanses the skin of debris and oil thus allowing for better contact of wax to skin on application.


The post wax lotion, Calm down Sista!

…will leave your skin soft and smelling like roses. It contains marigold extracts that have antibacterial and soothing properties, rose flower extract that is soothing on sensitive skin as well as antibacterial properties that protect exposed follicles. Apply the lotion after hair removal to prevent allergic or inflammatory reactions.


The citrus equipment cleaner, Dirty Talk

…contains Limonene which has an intensive cleaning property that breaks down bonds between fatty and wax substances for fast and easy removal of wax from waxing equipment.


The ingrown hair serum, Gold Digger

…has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and heals as well as tightens exposed follicles.